Five Trust-Building Tools Everyone Needs to Master

You have choices to make every day, whether you and your partner are in a new or ongoing relationship. Your actions speak volumes to that person about how trustworthy you are and how much you are investing in the relationship, yet most of us take those actions for granted. Here are some simple tools that you can blend into your daily life, if you have not already. They guarantee to help you build more solid relationships with your special someone:

1. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

If you say you’ll do it – follow through! Canceling, forgetting or failing to follow through creates the picture of a person who is not up to their word, or worse, who doesn’t care. Build reliability and trust through each motion of carrying out the thing you said you’d do. No single tool has a bigger impact on a relationship.

2. Honesty Is the Key to Unlocking a Heart

It’s hard not to embellish a story or shade the truth when conflict looms or a relationship is new. But resist! Even little white lies gnaw away at the base of a relationship. Difficult, small discomforts affect intimacy, as the two of you struggle to talk about the facts. Healing conflict builds the basis for dealing with later difficulties that may be harder to face, and it teaches you each how to communicate together. Be honest about who you were talking to or what you paid for that wardrobe item now, and you’ll find it easier to talk about moving in together later.

3. Teamwork Counts – Support Your Partner

You’re out on a date with others, and a friendly argument arises over politics or sports teams. Your date finds himself or herself in a corner, the only one arguing a particular point. Come to the rescue! Being a team is the way to build trust and support. If the relationship counts, how you support each other over the long haul is important. It’s far more crucial than winning the argument yourself.

4. Be Yourself – You’re All You’ve Got

It’s tempting to try to satisfy your partner’s needs by becoming what they want. Keep in mind that they are attracted to you for yourself, not who they imagined you would become. Spend time in your own interests and with your own friends in addition to the time you spend with your partner. Continue to cultivate your hobbies, career and goals. Paying attention to what is personally important to you will make you more appealing and attractive to your partner.

5. Show Your Character

In all of your life, show that you are a person of honesty, integrity and consistency. If your character is consistent from one place in your life to another, then your partner will look at your life across the many faces it takes and see that you are a trustworthy human being.

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