Where to Find Cheap Wedding Dresses

Every bride-to-be knows that wedding dresses can be pricey. But there are plenty of places where you can find wedding dresses that won’t break your budget. Here’s where to find affordable wedding dresses that will look beautiful as you walk down the aisle.

Ebay and Other Online Bidding Websites

When you’re thinking of things to buy on eBay, wedding dresses aren’t probably the first thing that comes to mind. But eBay actually has a large collection of wedding dresses available. These dresses come in all different types of styles, lengths, and sizes. You may be worried that if you buy a dress on a site like eBay it will end up not being the right length or size. If that happens, you can have it refitted by a tailor or at a bridal shop. You’re saving so much money by getting a dress on eBay that you’ll have plenty left in your budget for tailoring.


Etsy is known for its vendors that sell interesting, handmade crafts and clothing. The website has many different shops that exclusively sell wedding dresses. The pricier shops have dresses that are made to order, but if you want to save money, you can find plenty of premade dresses. You can also find beautiful vintage dresses on Etsy, all for a price that’s much lower than what’s typically found in bridal stores. Etsy is a good place to look if you want a wedding dress that’s unique and in your budget.

Off-the-Rack at Bridal Stores

Buying your dress off-the-rack is a great way to save money. It’s also a good way to save time, since you’ll be able to take the dress home the day you find it, rather than waiting the months it takes for a bridal salon to make a custom dress. You can spend a few days going from store to store, looking for the dress that’s perfect for you. You can even make a whole event out of it if you take your bridesmaids along. Buying off-the-rack is a great way to get gorgeous, designer dresses for cheap.

You don’t want to spend your entire wedding budget on your dress, but you also don’t want to walk down the aisle in something you dislike. Luckily, there are plenty of places to find cheap dresses that don’t skimp on style. Trying buying your dress from websites like eBay and Etsy or off-the-rack at a bridal store. When you shop In these places, you’ll save money while still getting the dress of your dreams.

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