What Modern Women Find Attractive in Today’s Men

Modern women find men attractive in a physical sense but also, and more importantly, in their sense of self. It’s not as easily observable when they first meet; learning how a man perceives himself as a person has the potential to deepen a relationship. During the process of dating, women enjoy observing men in different social environments. This is a natural avenue for getting to know each other.

Women Value Men who are at Ease Around Children

Observing how a man relates to children gives a woman a window of opportunity to see what kind of family life her date may have had, how his own parents related to him as a child, and if he happens to be “long-term” relationship material. For example, is he kind or playful, does he relate to kids at their level, or is he distant, distracted, or unresponsive when they talk to him?

Men who can see the humorous side of things appear to be more honest and intelligent from a woman’s point of view. Having a sense of humor is a desirable quality because it shows a man’s ability to lighten a situation and not wallow in how unfair, stressful, or inconvenient it all is.

When a woman is assured that a man will be there as an encourager and emotional supporter as “life happens,” she responds by trusting her date and feels that together they can handle the facts of life. Negatively, a man who broods about unfortunate events and is constantly too serious about the outcome of everything is emotionally draining, and a woman will eventually feel oppressed.

Women Desire to be Considered Equal in Life Circumstances

Confident men are comfortable making decisions without a whole lot of uncertainty, but are fully comfortable sharing responsibilities with a woman. This is not a quality that can be faked—in fact, there is nothing temporary about equality. Most women notice if at first her date is happy to help with the dishes, then suddenly begins to switch on the TV after dinner.

Women Need to be Careful of Common Pitfalls

Also, as dating continues, an insecure man begins to place demands on a woman that make her uncomfortable. If she is smart, she’ll run for the hills. Equality is not just something a man patiently listens to or “puts up with.” Treating a partner as an equal requires genuine respect, patience, and awareness.

There is a balance between being affectionate and protective, versus being controlling and possessive. There is nothing attractive about men who manipulate, act superior, or behave jealously to hold on to a relationship.

Women are impressed by subtlety and understatement. Grand gestures and overt advances can be interpreted as impatience and arrogance. In fact, it is a secret to most men that women who feel genuinely respected by a man are privately focusing on his sex appeal. As they are observing his consideration for others, waiting, opening doors, pulling out a chair, listening, being gracious—these are the elements that draw a woman to him. There is no mistake when a man is completely focused on the woman he is with, and there is no more potent aphrodisiac.

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