What Is the Worst Thing You Can Do on a First Date?

Does thinking about going on a first date cause your palms to sweat and your throat to close up? This stressful activity can unnerve the most confident of people. However, abiding by certain unspoken rules can help you survive first-date jitters. For instance, you should never commit one of the following first-date mistakes.

Leave Your Wallet at Home

On a first date, you should never leave your wallet at home. Expecting your date to pay for the entire outing will make you look like a freeloader. Also, what if your date decides to leave his or her wallet at home, too? If this unfortunate incident occurs, you will both end up embarrassed and at a loss for words.

Talk About Your Ex

Perhaps you recently ended a long-term relationship with a significant other. If so, this person might still weigh heavily on your mind. However, you should never bring up an ex on a first date. Committing this offense will cause your new love interest to question your motives for going out with him or her. You will also appear vulnerable and needy.

Be a Complainer

If you are a chronic complainer, you need to be on your guard during a first date. For instance, you might be tempted to complain about the restaurant service, the food, the weather, the traffic, and your osteoarthritis flare-up. If you whine about everything, your date may tag you as a negative person who should be avoided at all cost.

Show Your Baby Pictures

During first dates, couples often struggle to come up with interesting conversation. However, no circumstance exists where people should show dates their baby pictures. Enjoying a meal at a restaurant is no place to pull out pictures of you potty training, taking a bath, or snuggling in mom’s lap as a baby.

Bring Mom Along

Are you the type of person who needs your mom’s approval about everything? For example, your mom might buy your clothes, plan your meals, and schedule your weekend activities. However, you need to draw the line at getting her approval of a first date. Regardless of whether you plan to hide your parent behind the potted plants at the restaurant or include her in the meal, you must reconsider. If your first date goes well, you will have plenty of time to introduce your special someone to your mom during the weeks and months to come.

Profess Your Love

During your first date, you may feel immediately drawn to the person sitting across from you. After all, some people believe in love at first sight. However, you need to refrain from professing your love to someone during a first meeting. Perhaps nothing will scare a potential love interest away faster than professing your love and desire for marriage and children with him or her. Resist the urge to make your feelings known. After the second date, you might have a change of heart, anyway.

Dating is hard work. By not committing the aforementioned first-date transgressions, you might avoid the worst first date of your life.

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