What Do Cougars Look for in Dating Partners?

Those who believe cougars hope to find “personal boy toys” are close to the truth. While younger men have their own checklists of wants, most cougars have consistent wish lists, including looking for acceptable boy toys having the common characteristics that follow.

Common Cougar Checklist for Dating Partners

Cougars typically have wish lists that contain similar requirements. Most cougars want characteristics in their dating partners that fit the following profiles.

  • Be available whenever she calls. Availability is highly important to most cougars. Why? Many cougars have kids, making their schedules erratic. Cougars do not care about their dating partners’ schedules. Cougars cannot afford to be concerned as their time is often very tight. They expect their boy toys to adapt schedules to fit cougar available time. Plan to be available when your cougar wants you.

  • Have decent looks. As long as you are younger than they are, most cougars do not require you to have a “Hollywood handsome” look. They do want their dating partners to stay in shape. Not couch potato shape or personal trainer buffed, but acceptable healthy shape. It’s not difficult. Just walking or jogging regularly should do the trick. A vital feature also is good personal hygiene, as most cougars consider this a “must” for their dating partners.
  • Exhibit some maturity. Sure cougars want their dating partners to be younger than they, but they also want a sufficient level of maturity. For every cougar that makes headlines for having a very young high school age boy toy, there are thousands—possibly millions—who demand some maturity level from their dating partners. Remember, cougars are older, having accumulated life experiences, which develop maturity. They want their younger dating partners to exhibit some maturity to enhance the dating experience.
  • Be classy. Whether the cougar is accustomed to being around classy people or wants to experience a classy boy toy because they’ve been denied the opportunity, most want their dating partner to exhibit some class. Even those cougars focused on sex, not building long-lasting relationships, want their dating partners to be classy people. This is more important than wealth since they seldom want “sugar daddies.”
  • Be good in bed. Surprised? Don’t be. A word of caution: If you’re inexperienced, do not tell your cougar. She typically focuses on being satisfied, not on conducting sexual prowess classes, regardless of her passionate attraction to you. Cougars usually have “been there and done that” while they were in their early 20s. Few cougars want to relive that experience, even if they could, which they cannot. They expect their dating partners to have some vital sexual experience.

These are features that most cougars look for in their dating partners. You might find your specific cougar has one or more additions to this wish list, but few who do not require these characteristics. Get and stay in shape. Exhibit some maturity, be classy and good in bed. If you have to “fake it till you make it,” as long as you’re available on short notice, cougars will consider you a worthy boy toy.

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