What Are The Top 8 Things Guys Do That Turn Girls Off?

Here are some signs men need to watch out for to make sure they do not sabotage a date before it happens or chase any potential dates away:

Giving Orders

Some people like a man who is assertive and strong. Taking control and being willing to be the decision-maker can be an attractive quality. However, you must be careful not to go overboard. Don’t tell a girl what to wear on a date, unless you hint about something needed for the surprise date you have planned.

Refusing to Commit

When the relationship has gone on and continues to be strong, it’s natural to take the next step and commit to each other. A major turn-off for most girls is having a guy who will not commit to them. Not showing the passion and commitment that your girl shows you is a surefire way to make her turn and run.

Grand Gestures

Sometimes we are so desperate to impress, we can go overboard. While it’s nice to make your date feel special, going overboard can be a turn-off. Showing up with flowers, balloons, chocolate, a teddy bear, and a romantic card will scare most girls away.

No Face to Face

If you meet online — as more and more people are doing nowadays — you cannot stay in the online world. Even if you want to take it slow, send snail mail letters or exchange phone calls, but you have to start moving out of the anonymity of the online world.

Rude/Annoying Behaviors

Everyone has annoying habits and part of loving someone is learning to accept that person’s flaws. However, if you know your partner finds something annoying, gross, or rude, you need to at least make an effort to stop that behavior. Many women find burping in public, checking the cell during dinner, and similar actions to be very annoying, and a good man will make an attempt to limit those behaviors.

Being Pompous and Rude

One of the biggest turn-offs when it comes to dating profiles are the ones that make the guys seem like they are God’s gift to women. It is OK to take pride in your accomplishments and where you have gotten in life, but do not be pompous, rude, arrogant, hateful, or disrespectful while doing it.

Speaking but Not Saying Much

There are many stories of guys who send long email notes that are just meaningless drivel that end up being mostly about themselves. Putting on a fancy show of words can be a sign of insecurities or that you are trying to cover something up. Most girls will take a heartfelt message over a perfect, yet soulless, note.

It’s a Miracle He Survived His Ex

A lot of exes in the past can be a warning sign girls look for. A few exes can be chalked up to bad luck or choices, but when someone has a lot of exes, many girls will need some reassuring before feeling comfortable pursing a serious relationship.

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