Top Ten Anniversary and Valenties Day Gifts

10. Flowers-

There’s a reason why so many flowers are sold around Valentine’s Day. A great floral arrangement is an excellent way to let that certain woman know how special she is. It’s best to customize an arrangement, because the different colors of roses represent many different feelings.

9. Chocolates-

When buying chocolates for that special female, don’t just purchase the $5 box from the drug store. There are gourmet chocolates which are hand-crafted to show the lady that nothing’s too good for her.

8. A Puppy-

This is an excellent gift for the lady who’s been talking about having children. The puppy is cute and it gives the lady something to look after. The furry friend will also remind her of you every times she sees it.

7. Tickets to a Show-

Nothing makes a woman feel special like getting dressed up for a night out on the town. Giving your girlfriend tickets to the ballet or the opera shows her that you don’t mind sacrificing your time to do something that she wants.

6. Dinner Reservations-

There are several benefits to sitting across from the love of your life for dinner. First off, you get to converse with her to establish good communication. You also get to enjoy a good meal together in a formal setting.

5. Jewelry-

You can never go wrong with diamond jewelry. Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend and every woman loves to receive a flawless rock. Whether it’s in a ring, a necklace or a pair of earrings, you’re sure to impress your special lady when you give her jewelry.

4. Sing Her a Song-

This is an excellent way to express yourself to the woman you love. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an excellent singing voice, because she’ll be impressed by your spirit of expression. If you surprise her at work, it’ll be even more effective because women love for men to make a big deal over them.

3. Write her a Poem-

This is better than singing a song, because you’ll actually write the words yourself. If you have no writing prowess, you can get inspiration from someone else so long as you change the lyrics to match your feelings.

2. Lingerie-

This is the ultimate gift because you’ll get something out of it too. In fact, you may enjoy this gift more than she does. Best of all, the lingerie lets the woman in your life know that you still find her attractive. This gift should only be given if you’ve already been intimate with the special woman in your life, because a woman you have yet to sleep with may take it the wrong way.

1. Propose-

Getting down on one knee to ask her hand in marriage will absolutely make your lady’s day. It’s best if you propose in front of her friends and family. The more of her female friends that are there when you propose, the more special the moment will be for her.

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