Top 7 Pieces Of Dating Advice To A Happy Relationship

Everyone’s looking for that perfect, happy relationship. There are seven pieces of dating advice you need to live by in order to get yourself closer to that ideal relationship.

#7: Remember That No One is Perfect

Everyone is going to have their flaws and it’s best to learn about your partner’s flaws early on so you can decide if they can be accepted or not. Remember that you have flaws that your partner has to accept as well because neither one of you is perfect.

#6: Identify Your Needs

What do you need out of a relationship? You have to figure these things out and get to know yourself before you can truly let anyone else get to know you. You should never settle, so make sure your partner is capable of feeding your needs in all areas of life and love.

#5: Sometimes You Have to Call it Quits

If you know the relationship is doomed, sometimes it’s necessary to call it quits before one of you get too committed. It’s not always easy to admit that it’s not working, but it’s better in the long run if you can part ways while still being amicable.

#4: Go Out

Many people say they’re dating, but they don’t actually go anywhere. If you haven’t seen the inside of a restaurant or theatre with your date, it’s time to speak up and go somewhere. Social interactions is a big part of a happy relationship.

#3: Listen to your heart (and your gut)

Your heart (and your gut) usually don’t steer you the wrong way. If your heart is telling you that you’re with the one, then listen. If you don’t think you’re with the right one, then it may be something you need to admit and move on.

#2: Learn a Love Language

Everyone has a love language that they speak. It may be acts of service, gifts of love, quality time, touch, or even words. Whatever your partner speaks is the language that you need to learn. If the two of you are speaking two different languages, there’s going to be a few things lost in translation. If his love language is acts of service and you never do anything for him, he’s going to think that you don’t love him, even when you’re spending all waking hours with him because quality time is your love language.

And finally,

#1: Say What You Want

The only way to actually get what you want out of a relationship is to open up and say it. This can be about anything and everything and it’s not limited to one gender. Whether it has to do with needs in the bedroom or anywhere else, your partner is only going to be able to make you happy if he or she knows what to do.

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