Top 10 Outdoor Date Ideas

For couples that enjoy being outdoors, it’s nice to plan some outdoor dates. Being outdoors together can boost your attraction to each other, but sometimes it’s tough to come up with great date ideas. Skip the boring dates and try one of these exciting, outdoor date ideas.

10 – Play a Round of Mini Golf

Sometimes it’s nice to be competitive while you’re on a date, and playing a round of mini golf lets you challenge each other while you have a great time. Make a few bets on the game, laugh when your golf ball ends up in a water hazard and enjoy the outdoors with your date.

9 – Go Out on the Water with a Canoe or Boat

Spend some time on the water together for your next date. If you want an active date, go canoeing. If you want to relax on the water, take a nice boat that will let you enjoy the sun, water and each other’s company.

8 – Head to the Fair

Consider heading to a local fair for your next outdoor date. You’ll both love feeling like a kid again, as you enjoy the unhealthy food and the gut-twisting rides. Have fun playing the carnival games, grab some cotton candy and enjoy a day of excitement.

7 – Take in an Outdoor Concert

It’s easy to find outdoor concerts, particularly during the summer months. Take your date to an outdoor concert and enjoy bonding over music. Bring along a good bottle of wine to take the date to the next level. Since music makes people feel closer, it’s a fabulous idea for an outdoor date, even if the music isn’t quite your taste.

6 – Enjoy a Food Festival

A food festival is a perfect outdoor date, allowing you to stroll from booth to boot, enjoying the delicious foods offered at the festival. Some festivals have a theme while others include many regional styles or cuisines. Trying new things together will bring you closer, and it’s a budget-friendly date idea too.

5 – Bonfire and S’mores

If you love the outdoors and you love sweets, consider a bonfire date. Build a bonfire and enjoy chatting by the fire under the stars. Make sure you have all the ingredients for s’mores, and enjoy making them together.

4 – Outdoor Movie Night

Dinner and a movie may sound cliché, but if you turn it into a fabulous outdoor event, it’s sure to wow your date. Set up your own outdoor movie area with a makeshift screen and a projector. Add a nice dinner and enjoy your dinner and movie under the stars.

3 – Hike to a Waterfall

Hiking is an exciting date that lets you enjoy the great outdoors together. It’s perfect for active couples that like active, outdoor dates. Go on a hike to a waterfall where you can appreciate the stunning, romantic view. You may even want to take a picnic to enjoy when you reach the waterfall.

2 – Visit a Winery for a Winetasting

Visiting a winery for a winetasting is an incredibly romantic date idea. Enjoy strolling through beautiful vineyards and try different wines as you take in the nice weather. As you taste different wines, discuss your favorites and purchase a bottle to take home for your next date.

1 – Sunset Walk on the Beach

One of the most romantic, outdoor date ideas is to head to the beach for a sunset walk. There’s nothing like strolling through the sand hand and hand as you watch the sun set.

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