Tips on Picking the Best Gift for Your Significant Other for Your First Christmas as a Couple

The Christmas season is right around the corner, and for those in new relationships, so is the stress. If you and your significant other have just embarked on a relatively new courtship, you may be wondering what to get your sweetie this holiday. After all, you want to find them the perfect gift that you know they’ll love for years to come, but you may not know where to even start. Follow these tips to find the best gift for your significant other that won’t break the bank but will still win their heart.

5. Talk about Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are small objects that you, as the name suggests, fill Christmas stockings with. These could be edible items like candy as well as smaller gifts like gadgets, makeup, and even jewelry. Before you assume that you should get your sweetheart a stocking stuffer, have a conversation with them about it first. You want to avoid an awkward situation where you get your significant other something and they don’t get you anything back because they didn’t think to.

4. Discuss Shared Gifts

Maybe instead of getting each other individual gifts you and your significant other can go the shared gift route. You can split the price on a gift that both of you will end up using and enjoying. While this takes the surprise out of your Christmas gifts to one another, it also means that you can combine your savings for a great item. Of course, talk to your significant other about their interest in this idea first.

3. Decide How Many Gifts to Buy

Should you get one really great gift or two smaller but still good ones? Have a conversation with your significant other about this as well. You don’t want to get them three small gifts and have them get you one. It seems a little unfair.

2. Set a Price Limit

Of course, the most potentially awkward part about gift-giving is setting a price limit. You and your significant other are in a new relationship and therefore you probably haven’t discussed finances much beyond who will cover the dinner bill. However, do not avoid this conversation because it can be a bit uncomfortable. Otherwise your significant other may think that spending $30 on a gift is appropriate while you go all out and spend more than $100. It can create resentment on your end and feelings of inadequacy on theirs.

1. Consider Their Interests

Now that you know whether or not you’re buying stocking stuffers, how many gifts to get, whether you’re getting a shared gift, and how much money you can spend on the gift, you have to pick the actual present. When shopping for your significant other, consider their interests. Don’t get something that you would use or like and give it to them. By now you should know your sweetie’s hobbies and passions, so start there when gift hunting.

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