Tips for Getting Your Ex Back After a Breakup

The question of how to get one’s ex back is a controversial question that has a multitude of answers. Every advice supplier believes that he or she is correct. The truth is that there is no magic formula for getting one’s ex back. Every person is different, and each set of circumstances is different. However, the following tips can help a person to try and sway the ex his or her way after a breakup:

1. Play It Cool

The most important thing that a person can do after a breakup is remain calm. A breakup can feel like a slow emotional death, and people will do almost anything to end the pain as quickly as possible. However; begging, pleading, bargaining and fumigating will not bring positive results. In fact, such reactions may turn the ex farther away, which can lead to less contact or no contact. Questioning a breakup or requesting to talk about a breakup is acceptable, but obsessive behaviors and harassments are unacceptable.

2. Evaluate the Reason for the Breakup

A person should always take the time to think about why the relationship deteriorated. During the pondering stage, the person may find that the relationship is not worth salvaging. The individual should consider elements such as infidelity, abuse, distance, incompatibility and so forth. Breakups always happen for a reason. Usually, a person has to make a major change or sacrifice to reestablish an emotional connection with someone who ended a relationship.

3. Stop Being Available

The dumped party should stop being completely accessible to the other party. Absence does sometimes make the heart grow fonder. The ex may start to miss the dumped person once he or she realizes that the person is no longer on a short leash. Alternatively, absence could make the memory have lapses. The dumper may forget all about the dumped person after a month or two of no contact or low contact. The person must be willing to take that risk and let the ex go. If the dumper comes back into his or her life, then true love may be evident. If the dumped party never hears from the dumper again, then the relationship did not consist of true love.

4. Be Willing to Compromise

If the relationship ended because of stubbornness and unwillingness to change, then the parties will have to be willing to compromise. For example, the dumper dumped the other party because he or she would not stop getting drunk on Tuesday nights. If the dumpee would like to get the other party back, then he or she will have to compromise about heavy drinking or make a complete sacrifice.

Reunions do not always occur. Sometimes two people are not meant to be together. No potion, strategy, tantrum or wishing well can change that. However, the aforementioned tips can increase the odds of two people having a happy reunion one day.

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