Things to Do on a First Date With a Cougar

If you are about to go on a first date with a cougar, then you are probably wondering where she would enjoy going. You do not want to make the mistake of taking her somewhere that suggests she is out of touch with modern times, but you do not want to exhaust her either. The first date is a time when the two of you will want to talk and get to know each other better. If you and your cougar find some sparks during your first date, then you can plan an elaborate second date. The following are some suggestions for thoughtful places that you can take your cougar on a first date:
A Coffee Shop
A coffee shop is a one-size-fits-all suggestion for a first date. In other words, you cannot go wrong inviting your cougar to a coffee shop for the first date. The first date should be an inexpensive venture that focuses on getting to know each other’s personalities, likes, dislikes and intentions. A coffee shop will provide you with plenty of time to talk. Additionally, everyone loves coffee.
A Restaurant That Has a Bar
Standalone bars can seem a bit tacky. Therefore, you may want to invite your cougar to a restaurant that has a bar inside of it. Something along the lines of an Applebee’s establishment would be a good pick. The two of you can talk and flirt over a couple of drinks without investing money into large four-course meals. Furthermore, the establishment may have a fun event such as karaoke that you can enjoy with your cougar if the two want to have some kicks.
A Casino
If you know that your cougar has a thirst for thrill, then you can invite her to the local casino to try her luck on some table games. Casino gambling does not have to be expensive, however. You can take $20, slip in into a nickel or quarter slot machine, and play with your cougar for hours. Many casinos offer drinks, as well. A few hours at the casino could produce the perfect mood for an exciting post-date. Some casinos have sofas and couches that you and your cougar can utilize for sharing intimate conversations.
A Bowling Alley
You may be getting ready to go on a date with an athletic cougar who wants to see how athletic you are. Bowling alleys have some awesome specials going on during certain times of the week. One game plus shoe rental is usually less than $10 per person, and you can get up to an hour’s worth of playtime. Bowling is a good sport for a first date because you get to play it at your own pace. You can chat with your cougar in between swings. Drinks and appetizers may be available, as well.
The most important part of choosing a first date location is finding one in which you can clearly converse and examine each other for a possible second date.

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