Sugar Daddy vs. Splenda Daddy? Which One Is Right for You

Almost everyone is aware of the traditional version of a sugar daddy. He is a man who has a hefty income, and he has no problem sharing it with a woman that he fancies. A sugar daddy will assist a woman with her bills, take her on fabulous vacations, clothe her, and give her anything else that her heart desires. Millions of women seek sugar daddies to make their lives easier. A Splenda daddy is from a different breed of special providers. He is to a sugar daddy as Splenda is to pure cane sugar.

What Is a Splenda Daddy?

Splenda daddy is a man who has the same desires that a sugar daddy has. He wants to wine and dine a woman. He wants to pamper a very special lady. He wants someone to view him as a knight in shining armor. Unfortunately, his payroll is much lighter than a sugar daddy’s payroll is. A Splenda daddy may drive around in a 1995 Chevy Corsica while a sugar daddy cruises around in a Mercedes Benz. The Splenda daddy has good intentions, but he may not cut the mustard for some of the women who are seeking to live the sugar lifestyle.

Why a Splenda Daddy Can Still Be Good for You

Even though a Splenda daddy may not have the same bankroll that a sugar daddy has, he still can offer a woman a wide variety of attributes and qualities. First, a Splenda daddy is likely to be more affectionate and devoted than a sugar daddy may be. He may want to compensate for his lack of compensation. Secondly, a Splenda daddy is not necessarily broke. He may still be able to assist his sugar baby in a time of utter need. Furthermore, a Splenda daddy may be more down to earth than a sugar daddy is. Sometimes wealth can instill a holier than thou attitude in a sugar daddy that a Splenda daddy would not have.

Why You Should Never Rule out a Splenda Daddy

Splenda daddy could be a perfect soul mate. In fact, he may be more inclined to become a boyfriend or husband than a sugar daddy may be. A woman should never automatically rule out a Splenda daddy just because his figures are a little slim. She should look at the other features of his profile that interest her and perhaps have an initial conversation with him. He may have a special sense of humor that puts a smile on her face. He may have a hidden talent such as writing poetry or creating art. He may have a romantic vision of a white picket fence and several children. In other words, a woman should never judge a man by his wallet.

Many women yearn for a man who can provide them with an even balance of romance, compassion, understanding, communication and humor. A Splenda daddy may be the one who can provide them with all those things plus a little bit of cash.

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