Some Intresting Relationship Advice, about Love and How to Find a Lasting Love

In order to get the most out of a love relationship there are priorities of which it seems the older generation of people searching for long-term commitments, 40-years and above show a difference in priorities. Some of these priorities could include, but not necessarily in this order,

  • Facial appearance
  • Weight
  • Hair health and color
  • Financial health
  • Communication skills are essential
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Great sense of fashion
  • Teeth
  • No Drugs, alcohol
  • Children
  • Religion
  • Cultivate an optimistic outlook on life
  • Health, wellness, fitness
  • Independent
  • Fidelity
  • Satisfaction with one’s self
  • Educational level
  • Common sense

Interfaith Marriage Encounter met for whole weekend get-a-ways for many years with couples involved in problematic relationships. Later Interfaith Marriage Encounter found more couples with good marriages attending these weekend get-a-ways who had good marriages, but wanted to make their marriages better. The Marriage Encounter team leaders found that two issues stood out the most in love relationships. One issue proved that if excellent communication was not truthful, forthright and practiced every day the relationship tended to start falling apart with the other issue being money.

Most of the younger generation who is dating and trying to find a lasting love many times looked at all the wrong things in the other person, such as a pretty or handsome face and wonderful hair. Men who had physics to die for and women who were hourglass figures seem to be in the heads of the opposite gender. The next feature is weight. If the individual is obese, that individual is not probable to draw a second look from the opposite gender. Younger people, for the most part are shallow in their thinking and wisdom in just what issues in the other person are going to create a lasting love relationship.

Most of the older generation of folks have been around the block of relationships at least once in their lives and are back in the dating scene and looking for a lasting love, are not quite as shallow in their thinking. Most older available males and females put their priorities of the opposite sex into deeper thought such as, honesty, good communication, health and wellness with weight many times coming into play, the person’s indebtedness and their willpower on a lot of different issues.

Even though weight may be a shallow topic, an individual who is at least 30-pounds over their ideal body weight says a great deal about that person’s willpower to conquer hard challenges and surmounting obstacles in life, such as getting their weight into a more normal range for the sake of their wellness and health.

A lasting love relationship never lasts if built upon a shallow foundation, because when the male or female who has shallow thinking discovers that the deeper issues of life built within their partner does not meet their criteria the relationship starts to falter and fall to pieces.

Two of the most important results in anyone’s life, communication and the handling of money need teaching when the somebody was a minor. If the parents did not teach the child, good communication skills they take this communication deficit into their adult years and their untaught communication skills eventually affects their love relationship.

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