Some advice to getting you through your date unscathed

It’s always a bit nerve racking for people to go on a date for the first time. Heck, even if you are an expert at dating, it’s no walk in the park. For as much as you seem to think you know how to please someone, not everyone is the same, and not everyone will be as easily pleased by some things as others. As such, it is important to consider a wide variety of different things that you can do on a date to make that special someone fall for you.

Get a gift

A gift is a tricky thing. On one hand, you don’t want to be seen as a cheap skate, but on the other hand, a too expensive gift can have weird implications. Finding the perfect balance between these two categories will make your date pleased as punch.

Take them someplace nice

Creating memories should be the top priority of a date – beyond making sure that everyone involved has a good time. Going on a date to someplace nice, fancy, and warm is sure to keep your date happy and comfortable. Bringing them to a good movie, bringing them to a nice dinner, bringing them to the park, or even bringing them to a fun arcade – all of these things can create good memories for the both of you. So long as you do it right, of course!

Be polite without going overboard

Politeness can go a long way. A lot of people will say that “nice guys finish last,” but in the end, it’s just a poor excuse for people who messed it up. See, the reason a lot of quote-unquote “nice guys” fail is because they aren’t really being nice, they’re being opportunistic. It feels almost desperate, and the other person can tell that. Instead, just be decent and courteous – hold the door open, but don’t ham it up. Pick up the check, but don’t “insist on it.” It creates a big difference between the idea of you taking someone on a date, and the idea of the both of you going on a date. It creates an equal, fun environment for the both of you.

Consider your date

Not everyone has problems with this, but often, a date will sour because one person just cannot stop thinking about themselves. When all you can do is talk about how great you are, or of the many great things that you do in life, it leaves your partner feeling rather bored. As much as you may want to sell yourself to them, you should first consider them!


Now that you have read some tips, go out there and give them a shot! Or if you have some ideas that you want to share with us, let us know!

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