Romantic Relationships Begin as Friends or How Do I Find Love?

In 2007, midlife men and women finally came to an amiable agreement with online dating sites and ever since then over 40 million users have tried one site or another. All of those searching were not looking for romantic love, but if you are, there are several steps that will help you in your search.

The first step is finding a desirable profile, so a friendship can begin. Certainly you are looking for profiles that compliment your own, but the most common characteristic of successful, long time relationships is that they started as friends.

Here are 10 proven ways to find an online friendship that leads to a romantic relationship.

  1. Make a commitment to search at least three times a week. You don’t want that special profile to slip by you!
  2. When writing about the match you are looking for, be brief. You don’t want a potential match to feel they have to live up to certain ideals. Keep in mind that “Love almost always comes in a surprise package.”
  3. Check the compatibility percentage; typically 3 of 5 matches is a minimum.
  4. Compatibility is a major factor of any honest friendship, so a longtime relationship should be built on a foundation of real, shared friendship. Laughing together and feeling open to share your thoughts are optimum characteristics.
  5. Online dating allows you to meet your dream date in whatever state or country that you love. If you like a southern accent, but live in North Dakota, matches in southern states can easily be sent to you to make your dreams come true.
  6. When you have chosen a profile you like, develop a strategy for chatting. Chatting with many potential partners can get confusing, so develop a method of reducing the numbers by elimination or holding in a file to return to. Spend more of your energy and honesty on the few that you are most drawn to.
  7. By the fifth email you should be connecting on the phone too, if you are serious in pursuing a real relationship. If the other person procrastinates on either the phone conversations or in giving their information, it would be a red flag. Find out why before going any further.
  8. If you have been on the same wavelength, this is a good indication to schedule a date. Then, If the relationship continues to improve for three months, it is a good indication of a solid start.
  9. Meet in places that are fun, and allow for conversation. Take turns choosing the location and activities, so you are developing a repertoire of good meetings and memories.
  10. Records show that there are now over 120,000 marriages growing from online dates. The stigma is gone, and singles are having fun meeting new friends and building longtime, love relationships.

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