Review of Christian Dating

Overview of Christian Dating

Pros- engaging user profiles, straightforward registration, social media capability

Cons- N/A

Recommendation-highly recommended

Dating sites became a phenomenon in 1995. Since then, the number has grown exponentially.

Christian dating is a somewhat new theme on the web. For Christians, the problem has always been finding someone with a similar passion for the religion. Dating should be fun, but it should also be a prelude to marriage.

Conventional dating networks have a plethora of people whose perspectives differ from the fundamental Christian understanding of the purpose of relationships. Thus, the creation of Christian Dating is a boon for those who want to meet, over the web, that someone special with whom they can feel comfortable.

1. Profiles

Members set up a picture profile page that lists their name, hometown, age and horoscope sign. Profiles also tell readers what type of relationship the person is looking for. Some people are searching for a man or woman of a certain age, for example.

The “About My Match” portion of the profile is a chance for the individual to write a paragraph about what they find attractive in others. Someone searching the site can use this information to decide whether contacting the person listed is worth the time.

In general, the profiles provide enough information for users to make a wise decision about whom to date.

2. Communication

The site allows registered users to email or chat with other members. This function is easy to use, only requiring the click of a link. The site recommends meeting in person after interacting online four times.

3. Help and Support

Anyone experiencing problems using the site can easily click the “Contact” tab, on the homepage, to reach the support team. The site promises that help will come shortly after receipt of the message.

4. Social Networking Capability

Logging in is a breeze because anyone can do so via their Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Window Live account. Users can also “like” a profile so that this preference displays on friends’ online news feeds.

Finding a Like-Minded Christian

Going out to nightclubs is not popular among the Christian crowd. There is too much alcohol, drugs and overt sexuality to the liking of those holding religious views. This dating site is the answer for Christians who want to have fun meeting someone with whom they can spend their lives.

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