Respect + Commitment + Intimacy = Pillars of a Lasting Relationship

It is pretty typical of anyone to put their heart into something that has created a better perception on life. Among the things that most would fight for is a relationship that means the world to them. Most people climb steep hills just to preserve a relationship they have. Others would even invest on very expensive jewelries to make themselves stay attractive when in reality there are lots of simple things that can guarantee lasting love.



Respect should always be the foundation of a relationship. Psychologists can prove that words do influence emotions. The best simple way to avoid misunderstanding in a conversation is to stop making comments which can be misinterpreted as insulting.

At times a little teasing can be interpreted as an absolute attack simply because someone is going through a tough situation for instance, feeling depressed. In reality, miscommunication at such times is the downfall of most relationships. To prevent that, maintain balance in what you say. When you are in a relationship where joking is accepted, try and add in compliments or “just joking, sweetheart.”



Keeping someone committed does not basically mean getting married to the person. Commitment makes people in a relationship feel secure regardless of what may come. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to distrust or become jealous knowing that their mate is highly dedicated to keep their relationship a priority.

Any lasting relationship without commitment is doomed. What happens though when you are the only one committed in that relationship and your mate is not? Well, this is not surprising as commitment from your partner should not be forced.

You can easily tell when your companion is not committed. This can turn out to be an emotional distress when you are the only one who gives but does not receive similar commitment level. Nevertheless, do not force commitment when you are just starting a relationship since you would not want it to control your thinking. Don’t judge things but always allow things to happen naturally. True commitment can neither be faked nor forced. It can only occur when it’s actually real, and that’s how everybody should want it.



The word “intimacy” means to be affectionate or have a close interpersonal act or relationship thereof. There are various ways one can reach intimacy without necessarily having sex. Intimacy is best achieved through closeness between people at any time. It can even be achieved when you touch somebody’s hand or face, through watching a movie together, reading a book or playing a certain game.

Love is the major reason why people get into a relationship and share quality times together. Warm gestures give the feeling of someone longing to be loved back.

These are some of the best pillars that everyone in a relationship has to know, since they serve as the foundation of a long-term relationship. They will help you endure every challenge that you may encounter. Do not waste your time and effort on insignificant things; instead, focus your mind on the positive ones that can strengthen your relationship and prevent it from deteriorating to avoid events that may well have a negative effect on you.

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