Recognizing Incompatibility: When to Call It Quits

Dating is a process that sometimes takes months or years before a person finds his or her match. A first date gives two people the opportunity to see if they can develop a spark of interest in each other. However, sometimes first dates go poorly because of factors such as nervousness and standoffishness. Sometimes, the two daters are just incompatible. Some daters wonder if they should have a second date, and some wonder how many times they should try before they throw in the towel. The upcoming examples are four signs of incompatibility if you are wondering if you should continue dating someone. You should stop trying the moment you realize the following:
You Do Not Understand Each Other
Not understanding each other signifies a huge incompatibility issue. The phrase “not understanding each other” has nothing to do with a language barrier. The term means that your conversation goes way over your date’s head or vice versa. For example, your date stares blankly and does not respond to any of your questions when you want to discuss photography specifications or popular artwork. The term could refer to basic English terms, as well. Your date may be on a lower educational level than you are on, and it could become frustrating very quickly.
His/Her Jokes Evoke Bad Feelings
Some people like to tell jokes to break the ice before a big date. However, you may want to reconsider spending additional time with your date if all of his or her “jokes” end with you feeling bad about yourself. Your date may claim that he or she hurt you by accident. Hurtful jokes are a subtle hint that emotional or verbal abuse may follow. If the hurtful joking occurs more than twice, then it is no longer accidental.
Your Activity Interests Are Opposite
You and your date are most likely incompatible if your activity interests are opposite. For example, your idea of a good time is ice-skating, and his or her idea of a good time is doing the laundry. Opposite activity interests are a huge incompatibility sign.
One of You Falls Asleep
Finally, selective narcolepsy is another sign of incompatibility. When two people truly click, they can spend hours staring into each other’s eyes and talking about everything under the sun. They can spend hours on the phone sharing life stories and aspirations. Your date might fall asleep on you once if he or she works a long laborious work shift. Your date may fall asleep on you during an illness or immediately following an injury. However, you may be incompatible if your date frequently nods off on you. Nodding and snoring are signs that you are not holding his or her interest. Do not take it personally. Just realize that you may need to rethink your dating strategies, get back out there and find your soul mate.

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