Online Dating Do’s and Don’t’s

Do you feel like there is something missing in how you are going about the whole online dating thing? Do not feel awful, chances are you are among the many people who are still new to the gig. Before you devote your time into online dating, it is important to comprehend about what makes people successful in dating online, and what makes them fail. It is common to hear many stories regarding online relationships that do not work and those that work. So, what makes dating online unique? Below I will discuss the do’s and don’ts of online dating.


3. Waiting too long to get closer to someone

If you spend weeks on a dating website simply messaging, you would be taking too long. Singles use dating websites for gratification. It does not have to be instant, but individuals do not want to wait for too long before they meet you or speak to you on the phone. If you are taking too long, somebody else will have to take your place. It is advisable to talk to a potential date within 9-10 days of the commencement of your chatting. Anything longer than that is simply drawing stuff out too long.

2. Not being clear about what you’re seeking

The other reason why online dating fails to work is because people are not clear on what they are seeking, and significantly what they aren’t seeking. Without being negative in your profile, it is really important to let your suitors know what you’re not seeking. Always bear in mind that whatever you do, don’t be negative.

1. Not being honest

The major reason why online dating doesn’t work for most people is because they are not honest. Dishonesty creates false hope. Do not lie on your profile when it comes to online dating. It’s never a good idea to build a foundation based on lies.


5. Expand your horizon

If your previous internet efforts did not turn up perfectly, do not despair. So many new people do sign up daily on these site, so keep checking back to see who is new.

4. Be real

You may want to meet somebody who looks great in jeans, but so does everybody else! Talk about things about yourself that would not come out necessarily in an elevator chat with your accountant.

3. Have confidence

Describe yourself without making any excuses about why you are on the website. Talk about what makes you unique.

2. Be fresh

Change your picture and profile message occasionally, add pictures to your album, and login often. This will not only make you get noticed, but it will enable others get a more up-to-date idea of what makes the real you.

1. Create a good profile

Submit your great picture of yourself on your profile. A good photo is worth a million words, and experts say that you get noticed 10 times more if you post a great photo of yourself.

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