Inspiring ways to choose the right theme for your wedding

If you are planning a wedding, it is best to select a wedding theme to work with. This will help to give a more unified look and feel to the event. It is essential to choose a theme in the early stages of the planning phase because it will act as your guide to get everything else in place, such as vendors, bridal dress and venue. A solid theme is also a very helpful way to give the vendors ideas for the menu, flowers and even the cake. Your chosen theme can be something basic or something with a lot more “bling” to it. Below are a few wedding themes to get you started with planning your fabulous wedding.

Wedding Style

If you don’t have an exact idea for the wedding theme, you should at least know what you want the event to be like. Do you like fancy or elegant? Then you would have to go for a formal event. Are you more laid back and not too fussy? Then you probably want a casual wedding. In fact, some brides, believe it or not, are content to wear cowboy boots to their weddings.

Formal Wedding

If you are going for a formal wedding, then that means you are the traditional type and want to embrace elegance. These types of weddings can run you thousands of dollars, so you have to check your budget for your big dream. Let other family member chip in financially, if possible, and you can have a beautiful wedding.

Casual Wedding

Even though your wedding may be casual, it can still be elegant and beautiful. It is a more relaxing setting with everyone having fun. You probably will choose a local venue. Some people will not mind being wed in a bowling alley, especially if they are bowling enthusiasts. Movie theaters, wineries, breweries and campgrounds are all suitable for wedding venues. How casual is that?

Victorian Wedding

If you love ruffles, lace, bows and a white carriage with horses, your Victorian wedding can be one of the biggest local occurrences of the century.

Country Wedding

A country wedding is timeless. You can dress casually because some of these wedding venues include farmhouses and barns. You may only need a picnic table decorated with lanterns, quilts and candles.

Holiday Wedding

A snow white theme or an Easter Bunny theme is a great idea, if you are getting married at Christmas or during the Easter holidays. You have to be cautious about getting out of control with decorations and favors. Remember, this is a wedding and not a child’s party. Make sure that you secure the venue in advance because during this time of the year, many venues will be booked.

Quirky Wedding

If you are a creative person, then you may not mind having a quirky wedding theme. You could use your favorite television program as a theme. Your guests will have fun, and it will certainly be a memorable day.


You can create a wedding theme within your budget. Make it fun and enjoyable. You want to have a day that you will always remember. Let your imagination run wild.

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