How to Make a Cougar Fall in Love With You

It is no surprise these days that more and more cougars are dating younger men. There is a reason older, single women have been coined the name “cougar”: they prey on younger men for sex with no strings attached. However, if you are attracted to cougars in general or currently dating one, you may be asking yourself how to make a cougar fall in love with you. There are a few things you will first need to identify as well as techniques you will need to accomplish what you want. Here are a few tips to make a cougar fall in love if you play your cards right.

Identify Her Type

There are two types of cougars. The first type of cougar is the type that tries to hook up with the hottest guy she can find. This type of cougar usually looks for a purely sexual relationship with no strings attached. She may seek out boyfriends ranging from younger, muscular guys to fairly handsome ones to use as her trophy. This type of woman usually thinks just like a man and it usually takes a lot more effort on your part to make her fall in love with you.

The second type of cougar is the type of woman who appears strong and looks for sex with no strings attached, but later reveals that she has feelings for you and may be seeking a serious relationship. As you begin to get more intimate with her, you will know if you can make her fall in love because she will begin to reveal her need for a lover in her life.

Give Her the Best Sex Ever

If you want a cougar to fall in love with you, you need to do your best to please her sexually in every way. Since the relationship will start out based only on sex alone, being a rockstar in the bedroom increases your chances of making her fall in love with you. Saying “no” is not an option with a cougar because these women are at the height of their sexual peak.

You Are Not Attracted to Younger Girls

Make sure that you are engaged in conversation with her and giving her your complete attention. If she catches you gazing off at a sexy female in her 20s that just happened to walk by, you are ruining your chances to get her to fall in love with you and you will more than likely get dumped by her before you know it.

Turn on the Charm

Cougars love to show off their younger boyfriends in public. Make sure to charm her friends, be friendly, and give everyone a nice smile; especially her friends or colleagues. If you are accepted in her social circle, then she is more likely she have stronger feelings for you which can eventually lead to her falling in love with you.

It is Easier Than You Thought

Although most cougars are looking for a younger plaything, you can make these women fall head over heels for you. Using the tips mentioned above, identify the type of cougar you are dating, give her the best sex ever, show her that you are willing to reciprocate any love she shows towards you, and get accepted by her social circle. By following these tips, you can make the cougar of your dreams fall madly in love with you.

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