How to Maintain a Loving Relationship

For every relationship, communication is of utmost importance. Couples who stay together for years will sit down and discuss everything. In all relationships, couples have disagreements, but as long as you understand that you can have different points of view, it can help your relationship considerably. It is ideal to talk about much more than how to parent or how to run the household. You should also communicate your emotions and feelings as well as your long term and short term goals. When you have to talk about tough topics, be sure to exercise compassion and kindness toward each other. Try to stay away from the negative. To communicate successfully, you must be a good listener too. Laugh about the small stuff. It isn’t worth making a big deal over things that are not really that important.

Stay Connected

Your lives can get busy if you have children to take care of, careers to maintain and other family commitments. Stay connected with each other as best as you can. This means that you should plan dates where you can have some ‘alone’ time. Change your regular date routines on a frequent basis. Instead of watching a movie or going to a restaurant all the time, do something different such as:

  • Going to a cooking class
  • Go bowling
  • Plan an afternoon picnic
  • Watch a game at a sports arena
  • Do rock climbing together
  • Spend the night at a local hotel

This will be a time of Intimacy, which is essential to maintaining a romantic relationship. If you allow your busy schedule to consume the relationship, then you are in for disaster. If you have to schedule your sex life, then by all means keep a tight calendar. You never want to let this area of your relationship go south.

Show Compassion

When you love someone, it is important to show compassion and understanding. This means that you should become selfless. You can express your needs, ideas and opinions without a lot of resistance if you do it with kindness, showing that you care about what the person thinks. Be open to compromise too.

Preserve Boundaries

In a relationship, boundaries can become confusing. When there are no boundaries, it opens the door to control and manipulation. It leads to acts of guilt to please the other person. You have to let your spouse know what you will or will not accept and stand your ground without being disrespectful.

Be Happy

If you are happy, it will be contagious. Your partner will notice. Realize that life is filled with problems, but don’t let it hinder your happiness. Focus on improving yourself, loving yourself and enjoying your life. It will only serve to make your relationship and family life much happier.


All relationships have issues. No matter what bumps you stumble upon along the way, always remember where you both started and the love you share for each other. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help if you see problems and conflicts in the relationship. Invest in your relationship by taking marital education classes where you will learn how to listen, communicate and handle conflict. You have to put work into your relationship to make it work.

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