How To Keep A Relationship Alive

Everyone who has ever been in a relationship understands that things are not always easy. We all have arguments and conflicts. At times you lose the meaning of your relationship in pain and anger of harsh words. When you feel there is no love left, you start wondering how you can ever find love again, live and feel happy together.

Perhaps you’ve been through relationship breakdowns and longed to keep your love alive like when you first met. Research identifies some areas that can help you learn how to keep your relationship alive.

6. Discuss about major purchases

It is vital that you both talk about major purchases, for instance buying another car or about the next forthcoming holiday.

5. Socialize together

It can be fun for some spouses to have separate nights out and holidays with their friends. Whilst a bit of independence can be something good, do not allow it to be at the expense of spending good time with your partner. Take a break from the pressures of rents, mortgages, and bills to be a couple yet again – staying away from kids and other responsibilities to relax your minds and be yourselves with no distractions.

4. Give presents

Do not stop at compliments. Giving gifts once in a while, not only at birthdays, or Christmas will build your relationship. A bunch of flowers, chocolates or something personal can do. Perhaps your spouse once mentioned something they really long to have but hasn’t bought yet? Or you can get them something that’s related to their interests. This might be something as inexpensive or as simple as a craft magazine. Such gestures help to keep the romance and love alive.

3. Give compliments

Never disregard the special moment when you were first in love. There were times you always appreciated each other by letting them know about how you felt, and complimenting them. Keep in mind, that there is always something to be thankful for, whether it’s a new hair-do, nicely cooked meal, or a loving gesture.

2. Talk about the day

Talking about the day helps to bond couples, hence giving them a sense of belonging even when they are miles apart. So, if you’ve been away from each other, at the end of the day listen to what your partner is saying and ensure you also get your turn. Not each day is fun or interesting but sharing helps build a successful and long-lasting relationship.

1. Contact often when apart

This includes text messages, telephone calls, quick lunch visits whenever possible etc. Such gestures assist to involve the absent spouse in the other’s day. Regardless of whether you are 1 mile or 300 miles away, you’ll always feel closer when you contact each other regularly.

If you constant experience conflict, use some of the abovementioned techniques. With these, you will have totally nothing to lose.

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