How to Get Over an Ex

Breakups happen to almost everyone at some point or another. You’re bound to feel heartbroken for a while, and you should give yourself plenty of time to mourn the loss of your relationship. If you determine that you and your significant other split for the right reasons and you two shouldn’t be together, then you should begin to move on with time. Of course, that’s far easier said than done. Here’s some tips to get you started.

8. Be Patient

While yes, you likely very much wish that you could just wake up tomorrow and the hurt could go away, that’s not how it works. Your heart needs time to mend, and you need to give it that time. You will not get over your ex right away. The more intense the relationship and the longer the relationship, the more time that you will need. Be patient and good to yourself during this difficult time.

7. Throw out Everything From Your Ex

Don’t push yourself to do this right away, but eventually, to truly move on, you will have to trash all gifts, letters, and anything else from your ex. Looking at this stuff right after the breakup can only make you more upset, so wait until you feel ready. If it makes you feel better, you can put all of the stuff from your ex in a box for the time being where it’s out of sight. Eventually, you can throw it away.

6. Get Back out There

You shouldn’t jump into another relationship right after splitting with your ex, because that creates an emotional rebound situation. However, dating reminds you that you’re attractive to the opposite sex and that there are plenty of great prospects out there. You don’t have to get serious (and you shouldn’t), but going on a few dates for fun can distract you from your ex.

5. Think Badly about Your Ex

You may have had the most acrimonious breakup in the world, but eventually your heart softens and you’ll start to miss your ex. You’ll remember only the good times and nothing bad that they did. Every time that your mind goes there and you find yourself pining for your ex, think badly about them. Remember what they did to hurt you or all the reasons why you two were horrible for each other.

4. Don’t Spend Time Alone

After a breakup, it’s a little too tempting to spend all your time watching sad movies and eating ice cream. However, do not neglect your friends at this point. You now have a lot more time to spend with them, so definitely take advantage of that. Go out for a girls’ night or a guys’ night, flirt with some people, and have fun.

3. Focus on Yourself

You also have plenty of time for yourself now that you’re single. It’s time to pamper yourself. Don’t fall apart after a breakup. Get a haircut, change out your wardrobe, join a gym. Focus on taking care of yourself and being as good to yourself as you can.

2. Take up a New Hobby

Perhaps you always wanted to take a cooking class but your ex didn’t, or you wanted to get into rock climbing but your former sweetie wasn’t very athletic. Now’s the time to get into everything that you wanted to do. Taking up a new hobby fills you with a fresh purpose, takes your mind off your ex and the breakup, and makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

1. Avoid Contact

Most importantly, you absolutely must avoid contact with your ex. Block their number so you can’t drunkenly (or even soberly) text or call them in a moment of weakness. Delete their email address. Unfriend them on Facebook and other social media sites. Invest in blocking apps that won’t let you access your ex’s social media pages so that you don’t start virtually stalking them to keep up with their life. If they ever do try to get in touch with you, don’t feel inclined to reply. Perhaps you two can be friends at some point, but that will much further down the line once you both heal from current hurts and lose all feelings for one another.

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