How to Determine the Right Time to Introduce Your New Beau to Your Parents

Well, here it is. The event in a relationship so intimidating and uncomfortable people made a multi million dollar movie franchise out of it: meeting the parents. To introduce someone to your parents is already quite a big deal, but when it’s someone you have strong feelings for, the stakes are raised even higher. Here are a few ways to make sure you don’t jump the gun on introducing your new beau to mom and dad:

Make sure you are both serious.

Meeting the parents is no small thing. An event like this should be reserved for the occasions in your life when you will feel like you are in a committed relationship that will last. This means that it’s not a friends-with-benefits sort of situation, nor is it anything casual. A good indicator of whether you are ready or not to take them to meet your parents is if you’ve shared “I love you”‘s. The time at which couples share this is greatly varied, but generally signifies a strong commitment from the both of you. This should be around the time that both your parents and your beau should want to meet each other too, which is a bonus.

Make sure your parents know about them.

This one may seem like a given, but it’s always important to double check on these things. Blindsiding mom and dad right there on the front door step, or even the night before is bad etiquette. Your date will feel as though you were unsure about whether to bring him in the first place, and potentially dull the atmosphere. Make sure that both parties are prepared, and have some kind of history or basic knowledge about each other. Give your parents a general idea of the kind of person your significant other is, and vice versa. It will help to relax the atmosphere and assure that they have a general idea of how to start a casual conversation with them so they aren’t jumping in with, “what are your intentions with my baby?”

Make sure your beau is ready, too.

Meeting the parents is not walk in the park for men or women. Often times, it’s an uncomfortable and stressful necessary evil that has the potential to go exceptionally well, or horribly wrong. Ask your significant other if they are ready to meet your parents. Springing it on them right beforehand is never a good idea, and can add unnecessary stress to the evening. They are trying to make a good impression, and for most people, quite a bit of planning on their end goes into an introduction like this.

One thing is for certain about meeting the parents- it’s important. If you are close with your parents and value their opinion, the gathering has the potential to make or break the confidence you have in the longevity of your relationship. The key is to make sure everyone is prepared and comfortable. Good luck and have fun!

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