Habits That Break Down Love and Relationships

Relationships are never perfect because it is very rare to find two people who are exactly the same. For this reason, there is a risk of the relationship breaking down because of certain actions or habits from one or both partners. Oftentimes, you may not notice that you have certain habits that are actually undesirable in the context of a romantic relationship. These habits will gnaw at the foundation of the relationship and bring it to an end. Here are five habits you should avoid if you want to have a lasting relationship.

Failure to Communicate

Relationships that involve people who do not communicate are doomed. Talking and communicating on key issues that affect the relationship will help smooth things out and avoid explosive confrontations in the future. There is no use keeping it all in because it does not help. You and your partner should take the time to talk to each other even about trivial things because these small issues have the potential to explode into something crucial. If there is no discussion on the topic, it could have the potential to damage your relationship if these issues are not resolved early on.

Making Something Big Out of Small Issues

While partners are encouraged to talk about small issues, you should not make a big scene about those matters. It is not a good idea to get into a shouting match just because your partner was not able to take a call at the exact time when you may be accustomed to calling each other. There are other priorities that your partner could be addressing at that time. Shouting matches and blowing things out of proportion can also cause stress and tension; two factors that will make it difficult to resolve the problem. It is also not a good idea to bring other problems into the discussion and focus on only one matter at a time.

Throwing Blame at Each Other

Blaming is the culprit behind relationship problems becoming big and difficult to handle. This is a manifestation of pride and each person’s inability to own up to their actions that led to the issue you are trying to resolve. When you blame your partner and asserts his or her lack of culpability for the problem, it paves the way to feelings of anger and resentment. When these two emotions are bottled up, they will come out sooner or later in a totally unrelated argument.

Being Complacent

All relationships become rocky as they last longer. This is partly because partners become complacent about the strength of their bond. This gives way to feelings of being taken for granted and that your partner is always prioritizing other things besides the relationship. Being complacent also turns off the flame that sustained the relationship in the beginning. The only way to get around this problem is to start from the very beginning so they can rekindle their feelings for each other.

Inability to Let Go of the Past

An ex is an ex and is someone who is not important in your current relationship. However, some partners fail to get around that hurdle. Women become jealous of their boyfriend’s past girlfriends and vice versa. That does not help at all. These people no longer matter to your current situation and even just bringing the thought of them into the relationship will probably lead to frequent arguments. This is an issue that is actually irrelevant to your current relationship and both partners should work to avoid comparing their current relationship with ones in the past.

Relationships are like plants. They need to be watered and nurtured everyday in order for them to grow and be strong. These five habits are like the weeds that grow with the plant and steal the nutrients away at the expense of the plant’s health. Partners should avoid these five undesirable habits to have a lasting relationship.

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