First-Time Holiday Gift Ideas for New Couples

Christmas time is just around the corner, and many new couples are getting jitters about what to buy their mates. A first gift-giving session is always one that puts butterflies in people’s stomachs. People are sometimes too emotional about presenting first holiday gifts. After all, the boyfriend or girlfriend will probably forgive a first-time gift mistake. Regardless, the following are some ideas on first-time holiday gifts for new couples:

Something Artistic

Artistic presents always make great sentimental holiday gifts. Examples of artistic presents are CDs by his or her favorite band, romantic paintings, abstract art, musical instruments, paint and canvas sets and the like. The trick to purchasing an artistic gift is knowing the other person. The purchaser cannot just buy a random artistic gift. It has to be something about which the receiver feels passionate.

Something in His/her Favorite Color

Clothing is an easy holiday gift to get for the first time. Almost everyone can use some kind of clothing item or another for Christmas. Clothing works best when it comes packaged in the person’s favorite color. Buying someone a present in his or her favorite color proves that the buyer knows the person well. He or she will get extra brownie points for knowing all the person’s sizes, as well.

Something Discussed During a Conversation

Another trick that a first-time Christmas shopper can use to come up with a gift is scouring his or her memories. Boyfriends and girlfriends have tons of conversation. There has to be some object that the other person mentioned at some point in time that he or she wants. It could be something as simple as a clown coffee mug or a smiley face keychain. The thing that will make the gift special is that the boyfriend or girlfriend listened and remembered.

Something Shiny

If other ideas fail, the Christmas shopper can go for something shiny. Not many women will turn down or dislike jewelry, especially if it is of the diamond persuasion. Earrings are beautiful, and they are not as expensive as some other jewelry items are. Necklaces are excellent because a woman will wear her necklace every day. Rings are king, but a man will want to be careful if he gives a girl a ring. She may take it as an engagement request. Therefore, he may not want to go that route if he is not planning to tie the knot.

A Vacation

Finally, a vacation will make a great gift for Christmas. The two parties could go away to a romantic island and get out of the cold weather. They could go on a ski trip in the mountains if they prefer the cold. Surprise vacations are always good, but the person must make sure that the other person will have a free schedule. Sometimes, picking the right gifts requires some probing and investigating.

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