First Date Faux Pas to Avoid to Ensure a Second Date

The first date is commonly one of the more nerve-wracking events anyone can plan on. There is pressure to make an awesome first impression and sometimes, it makes having a good first date difficult. One thing you should always remember- just like your mama always told you- is to be yourself and have fun.

For many, the first thing that comes to mind might be your physical appearance. Wearing something that you are comfortable in on a first date (and every other date, really) has a direct affect on the way you are perceived by your date. For example, that really cute “maybe it’s a shirt, maybe it’s a dress” number you have in the back of your closet might be appropriate for a night out with the girls, but definitely not a first date. Similarly, that lazy t-shirt with stick figures doing crude things isn’t quite putting your best foot forward, either. Bad taste in clothing (or a significant lack of clothing) is a definite faux pas of a first date. Or, again, any other date thereafter.

You may be a total homebody- the kind of person who is absolutely thrilled at the prospect of a house and a marriage and a slew of little “mini-mes” running around, and that is fantastic. Share it with your friends, your parents, and your coworkers, but don’t share it with the person sitting across from you at the table.

Alcohol is your friend…but not your best friend. A little bit of liquid courage never hurt anyone- especially in this kind of situation. But too much can make you a wee bit too comfortable, and you might start sharing things you know you shouldn’t (see number 2). A good rule of thumb is to have just one- that is, one glass of wine, one bottle of beer (one milkshake…because you don’t want to impress them too much with a remarkable ability to pack in the calories. Save that little tid-bit for marriage).

Some people go overboard with the truth. Note: there is such a thing as too much truth much too soon. If number 3 is a rule you already know you won’t take seriously, tread with caution on this one. Pay attention to how much you are revealing about yourself. If the date doesn’t work out in the end, you won’t have to worry about the creepy person you’ve just shared copious amounts of highly personal information with. Not to mention, it’s a little off putting- especially if you spend a lot of time talking about yourself, and not enough time asking questions. People who walk away from conversations where they were asked a lot about themselves usually leave with a feeling that they really know the person they spoke to. Have a genuine curiosity for your date, and the rest of the conversation will fall into place.

Stay within these few guidelines and you will have a second date in the works, no doubt! (Unless, of course, they are totally creepy, in which case you should suddenly remember that your cat must be fed or feign horrible menstrual cramps and run like the wind.

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