Fatal Mistakes That Hinder Lasting Love

How secure do you feel in your relationship? Do not be blinded by your past break up. Learn how to protect your relationship against the below mentioned mistakes that mostly hinder lasting love, and to spark up your love life.

1. Showing little support for your partner

You may only be focused on your demands or duties and forget to spend time or pay attention to your partner. So, are you focusing on building your career and letting your love life die? If you do not believe in giving your partner some attention, then you probably believe in breakups.

To have a lasting relationship you must show appreciation for your partner. Tell them that you are very much interested in improving your relationship. Your behavior should match your words so that you can build trust.

Find out the little things that make your mate happy and try to do them. Find new and interesting ways to enjoy your time together and explore common hobbies. Avoid criticizing and comment on your partner’s positive qualities to promote good feelings.

2. Depending on your partner to make you happy

Do not just live your life. You must love your life and learn to fall in love with yourself. This can be best achieved when you follow these 5 tips:

  • Revive your aspirations and act on them every day.
  • Bring out your best qualities as you boost your health in a wholesome manner.
  • Forget your sad stories
  • Always be optimistic. Anticipate good things and make good choices for greater happiness and fulfillment.

3. Talking more than listening

Controlling your conversations, commanding, complaining or always updating your needs and desires is a way of draining fun out of your relationship. This is a sign of being uncompromising and rigid as well, which may lead to loss attraction and respect.

For your relationship to last, you have to listen to your partner. Talk to your mate and tell them how much you want to stop your habit of controlling your conversations. You should find out their needs and desires and find ways to make them happy. Your listening will assist you start to spark up your relationship.

4. Affairs and Workaholism

These are a major cause of divorce and break ups. Such habits are addictive thus steals trust, focus and power from a relationship. You have to seek advice to recover from such addictions, or treat them to repair damage and restore trust in a relationship.

5. Not setting positive boundaries

You do not have to tolerate destructive behaviors such as investing your emotions in bonding with a colleague than with your partner. That is an emotional affair. When you tolerate an abusive or distracting behavior, you will be destroying the well being of yourself, your partner’s and that of your relationship. It is important that you understand the significance of positive boundaries in order to protect your intimate relationship.

These are the top mistakes to avoid when you want to have a long-lasting relationship. Avoiding the above mentioned mistakes will make you have a healthy relationship; thus, certainly make you bring out the best in your love life.

Steve Anderson, founder of Fuck buddy, is committed to guiding his readers through the ups and downs of finding and leaving love.  As an author and expert in the field of dating she aspires to create content that is tailor-made for the modern dating world.

Growing up, Steve observed his parents’ grow in love and commitment with every year they were married.  But, following a series of tough break-ups, Steve discovered that finding true love wasn’t as easy as he had thought.  he then decided to pursue a career as a dating coach.  Through his educational and life experience he learned that each situation requires a personalized approach, dependent on the values and desires of each of his clients.  Since then he has become a sought-after expert on the nature of the dating game and how to win at it!

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