Establishing Rules With a Sugar Daddy

A sugar relationship can be a fulfilling arrangement for both parties if they have clear-cut boundaries. A woman must set boundaries to ensure that she and her sugar daddy are on the same page. Establishing boundaries should begin after the two parties have their first date. The first date will establish whether they are compatible. From there, the two can discuss various aspects of the future dating relationship they will have. The following are some areas in which the couple should set firm boundaries:

The Meeting Places

One of the most important elements of a sugar relationship is the meeting places. The woman will want to establish the dos and don’ts of meeting up with her sugar daddy. For example, the female will need to specify whether her home is off limits for dates. She will want to ask her sugar daddy if he has objections to meeting at his home. They both may find that they prefer meeting at a hotel or an alternative meeting place.

When and How to Make Love

Physical relationships must be discussed rather quickly in sugar relationships. Some sugar daddies expect a pay-for-play relationship, while others may be content with companionship and friendship. The couple needs to discuss the male’s intentions. If he intends on having physical relations with the female, then they should talk about subjects such as birth control and STD prevention. Additionally, the couple should discuss the frequency of the relations.

What the Woman Needs

Women sometimes fail to express their needs to a man, and such can cause complications in a sugar relationship. No man will ever be a mind reader. Therefore, the woman needs to specifically express what she needs from her sugar daddy. If she needs a certain amount of money per month, then she needs to tell him. If she would prefer taking numerous vacations and shopping for clothing, then she should express her ideas about that. If a close friendship is important to the woman, then she should not feel shy telling the male that she needs a close friend.

When Contact Is Appropriate

The female may have some restrictions on when she would like her sugar daddy to call. If she has children, then she may restrict phone calls to hours that they are either sleeping or in school. She may be a person who does not like phone calls after a certain time. She may prefer emails or text messages from her sugar daddy. He may prefer emails and texts from her. At some point, the two parties must establish contact rules so that neither party inconveniences the other.

How Far the Relationship Can Go

Finally, romantic expectations should come up early in the relationship. The woman will want to tell her sugar daddy what she expects from him. In other words, she will want to express whether she is looking for a causal relationship or a long-term relationship. The parties can decide whether they are a perfect fit for each other from there.

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