Do’s and Don’ts for Sexy Wedding Dresses

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a bride wanting to look sexy for her soon-to-be-husband. They will, after all, belong to each other. However, weddings are typically family affairs, so one should remain G-rated when selecting a wedding dress. Here are do’s and don’ts for being sexy yet tasteful on your wedding day.

First, the Do’s

Do show some skin, as long as it is kept minimal. You can show some cleavage, as long as it is not extreme. Feel free to go strapless, or partially strapless, as well as show your back, or have the dress shorter in the front than in the back to tastefully show some leg. A split up the dress can do this as well, although it should not go so high that it shows off reproductive organs. Sheer material can be classy and sultry for the dress, if it placed in the right areas, such as the back, stomach, and neck. Cutouts are not recommended, though, like sheer material, these can be sultry in a subtle way if properly placed. You can wear a shorter dress that shows of your curves, as long as it does not show too much of them, and a malfunction is unlikely to happen. Any, or a combination of these can keep you classy, while still accentuating your sex appeal.

Now, the Don’ts

Don’t display eye-popping cleavage. Sure, all kids have seen them, but a wedding is neither the time nor the place. The sides, bottoms, and middles of your breasts should not be exposed to air. The same goes for the genital area. Do not wear wedding shorts and a midriff-baring top, as this is a little bit too revealing for a wedding, and is not recommended for those who take the ceremony at least somewhat seriously. No wedding bikinis. No short wedding dresses with petticoats that may expose your goodies when you lean forward slightly. Don’t wear “peak-a-boo” wedding dresses with strategically-placed sheer material, or cutouts, other than in the areas mentioned in the do’s section. These styles, while appropriate for a Vegas wedding, or one in which only adults will be present, will not be a good idea for a more family-oriented procession.

So, When Deciding on a Dress…

Keep these tips in mind so that any parents attending the wedding are not forced to answer questions on anatomy from their children. You also do not want to disappoint your family or your future spouse’s parents either, so in the case that they are invited, pay careful attention to the do’s, and avoid the don’ts as much as possible.

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