Dating in Stages to Build Trust

Online dating is a new experience for many users. Therefore, many users are unaware of the proper online dating protocol. Using a progressive dating method (stages) is a great way to ensure that potential daters have enough time to get to know each other. Stages are time periods that utilize each form of contact to its fullest. For example, daters should email, text and voice chat for a certain period before they go on a date.

The Email Stage

The email stage is the most important stage in the online dating process. The email stage is the stage during which two people will get to know each other the most. They will have an opportunity to exchange emails about their personalities, habits, experiences, likes, dislikes and more. The potential daters can measure each other’s intelligence level, as well. Daters should stay in the email stage until they feel comfortable with giving their SMS numbers to each other. The cautious period could be as short as two weeks or as long as two months. Any person who feels uncomfortable or leery during the email stage should avoid progressing to the text messaging stage.

The Text Messaging Stage
Once potential daters feel comfortable with transferring personal telephone numbers, they can move on to the text messaging stage. During the text messaging stage, the potential daters may chat back and forth while they are working or performing house chores. The two daters may also exchange additional pictures and videos with each other during this stage. The text messaging stage is the stage right before the voice chatting stage. When the members are comfortable enough to talk to each other on the phone, then they can move to that stage.

The Voice Chat Stage
Talking on the phone is an important thing to do before planning a date. Potential daters who have been texting and emailing for months still do not exerience each other’s personalities in multi-dimensional form until they speak on the phone. Many people discover red flags and personality flaws on the phone that they did not notice in text. Taking the time to talk to each other for extended periods prevents first-date disappointment. The voice chat stage can be short or long. The daters can plan their first dates when they are ready to spend some quality time with each other.

Setting a First Date
A first date should always occur at a public place, and both daters should notify a trusted friend or family member of where the date will occur. That way, someone will know if something goes wrong with the date. Two people can usually tell whether they are compatible or not by the end of the first date.

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