Dating a Woman in her Thirties

A woman in her thirties is not going to put up with a younger man who does not know how to communicate. If you are in your twenties and only looking for that casual date, just out of curiosity of what it would be like to date an older woman or cougar, as some people call it, you better know how to ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk.’ A 30 year old woman wants to sense that you are open to her no-nonsense chatter. If she loves to talk, which most women do, make her feel like you are into her. If she is talking about her ex, change the subject and direct it to why you want to be with her.

The 30 Year Old Woman

For the 30 year old who has chosen to have children and is still single, her mindset is discovering that perfect someone who can be a good father to her children. She is looking for a mature person who is responsible and can be a ‘father figure.’

OK, don’t be scared now or thrown off by such a woman. It is quite the norm for a 30 year old. Some of them are very involved in their careers, but yet are ready to start a family because they think that ‘age is catching up with them.’ They don’t even care if marriage comes first or the child comes first. Be warned, though, that as you approach your mid to late 30s, the drive for women becomes more dominant. Be careful at this stage of the game.

Be Patient

Take your time with the dating relationship. Don’t rush it and be patient. You will turn her off if you do. If you are younger than she is, women will oftentimes want to test you first before making that ultimate commitment. Women don’t feel as comfortable dating a younger man compared to how a younger man dating an older woman feels. So again, give her time. She will adjust if she thinks that you are sincere about it.


If you are going on a date with her and you both see kids or couples holding hands, ask her how she feels about having kids or getting married. You will soon find out what her intentions are. Don’t dwell too much on the subject though. Usually, you don’t have to persuade a woman to talk. She will talk up a storm, depending on what she wants you to know. Guys are the opposite. You have to draw them out in order to make them talk. Try not to be too reluctant to answer her questions. She may think that you are hiding something.


So to summarize this age group – the ‘30 something,’ don’t forget the direct eye contact, and light hearted communication, except when you want to opt for a deeper conversation, and if that is what you really want, women at this 30 age range are perfect for that! Don’t forget to keep it honest and if you are uncertain about what you want, let her know because it is going to be her problem if she responds negatively to your sincerity.

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