Couple Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is soon approaching, which means you need to find a costume if you don’t already have one. If you’re one half of a couple that loves to dress up together, we have some ideas for you!

1. Tooth fairy and Tooth

This is a cute couples’s costume. Buy a tooth fairy costume or make one yourself with a white petticoat over leggings or a leotard. Wings and wands are easy to find this Halloween season. Create a sandwich-board costume in the shape of a tooth to wear over your shoulders. you can also stuff a pillow on either side of an over-size t-shirt for the super-easy route!

2. The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon and Amy

This nerdy and quirky couple doesn’t require expensive costumes or accessories. Sheldon typically wears a short-sleeved comic book t-shirt over a long-sleeve shirt with khakis. Amy’s frumpy cardigans and tops over long skirts should be easy to find in a thrift store. Finish off the look with a pair of loafers or saddle shoes.

3. Joker and Harley Quinn

There are so many options for these costumes that you might not know where to start. Determine which Joker you like best — from the comics, animation or those portrayed by Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson. This gives you inspiration for the “His” in this configuration. Pair with fun accessories such as a cane, wing-tip shoes, a hand buzzer or even a lapel flower that squirts water.

Thanks to the recent Arkham series games, there are just as many costume options for Harley, who first originated in the animated series in 1990s. The original harlequin costume is probably the easiest to wear, but video games offer different skirt and pants options in leather. Harley’s look has become so iconic that you can depart from the look while still being recognized!

4. Jack Skellington and Sally

These two star-crossed lovers have an artistic design will never be confused for another. The costume works well if one of you is significantly taller due to Jack’s bean-pole stature. You’ll find Jack masks that encase your entire head, or you can mimic the Pumpkin King’s look with makeup. The striped suit and bat tie complete the look, and you’ll find these accessories at any Halloween shop.

Sally’s costume is easiest when you purchase a replica dress and a long red wig. Draw stitching on the face and arms to create the character. A pair of white leggings or tights are ideal for drawing on stitches and topping off the costume.

5. American Gothic

This painting is both iconic and unique enough that you’re unlikely to need someone else wearing it. Her costume included a long, dowdy dress with silhouette choker or pin and a grey wig pulled back. He needs a dark blazer on top of overalls and white shirt with a pitchfork. That’s it!

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