Common Dating Myths That Keep You From Finding Lasting Love

While life as a single person has many benefits of its own, many people long to find lasting love. If you’re longing to find a lasting, loving relationship it’s important to avoid sabotaging your dating efforts. It can be difficult to find the love of your life. However, in many cases, you may be the one standing in the way of true love. Many singles have a lot of misconceptions about dating, and if you believe common dating myths, you may find it difficult to meet someone special. Here is a look at common dating myths and the truth behind them you need to know.

Myth #1 – It’s Not Worth Pursuing a Relationship With Someone if There’s No Instant Attraction

Many singles believe they have to notice an instant attraction if they are going to find lasting love. However, the truth is that instant sexual attraction doesn’t mean you’ll have a lasting, loving relationships. Sometimes it’s the best of friendships that turn into a deep, loving relationship. Even if you don’t feel an instant attraction, give the relationship some time – it just might be the lasting love for which you’ve been longing.

Myth #2 – It’s Better to Stay in a Bad Relationship Than to Be Single

While being in a healthy relationship offers many benefits, both physical and psychological, being in a bad relationship isn’t better than being single. Being in a bad relationship is very unhealthy, and it’s never a good choice to stay in a relationship to fit in. Yes, being single may come with questions and a certain stigma, but being single means that you’re still on your way to finding lasting love. You’ll never find the deep love you want if you stay in a bad relationship.


Myth #3 – I Can Change the Things I Don’t Like About a Person

Unfortunately, many people go into marriage with the idea that they can change the person they love. It never works, and in most cases, trying to change someone breaks the relationship apart. A person has to want to change – you have nothing to do with it. If you don’t like something about a person before you fall in love with them, you need to learn to live with it or abandon the relationship.

Myth #4 – Disagreements Mean That We’re Incompatible

When you’re dating, it’s easy to see disagreements as a red flag, but having disagreements from time to time doesn’t mean that you and your date are incompatible. Destructive, negative conflict is definitely a problem, but disagreements when handled appropriately can actually help your relationship grow. You’ll never build a lasting relationship if you don’t learn to deal with disagreements, so work on communicating and using resolution skills instead of abandoning the relationship the first time you disagree.

Myth #5 – Love and Attraction are Doomed to Fade Over Time

It’s a common myth that love and attractive are doomed to fade over time. In fact, many couples go into relationship with the expectation that their love and attraction will begin fading. Don’t expect your love to be static, but you also shouldn’t expect it to fade away. Yes, as you grow older, you won’t produce as many sexual hormones. However, it’s the deep emotion in a relationship that influences the passion you have for the one you love. This means that sexual passion and emotional love can actually grow the longer you are together.

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