Catching a Prize

10. Don’t Dress Too Sexy

There’s nothing wrong with being attractive, but attire that’s too scantily clad can send the wrong message. Some men react to the attention a woman gets from other men, or they may think revealing clothing means they can go all the way on the first date.

9. Give Him Space

It’s important to let the man take the lead in the beginning of the relationship, so he doesn’t feel smothered. While communication is key, you’ll want to let him reveal himself at a pace that makes him comfortable.

8. Exchange Communication for Intimacy

If the man is being distant and aloof, you should withhold kissing and heavy petting. Intimacy is to men what communication is to women, so make sure you’re getting to know his mind before he gets to know our body.

7. Refuse to Compete

If the man you’re dating seems more interested in another woman, then you should withdraw and seek someone else. This is especially true of men who want to be players. You may be able to get a man’s attention if he’s still interested in his ex-girlfriend, but you’re only headed for heart brake if he doesn’t want to be monogamous with anyone.

6. Go Small and Go Home

You can impress a man by ordering less expensive items from the menu. You’ll also feel less obligated to reward him with intimacy after the date.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Pay

In this modern era, it’s important for you to invite your man out sometimes and pick up the bill. If you want to be respected as an equal, you should show the guy that you’re willing to contribute monetarily.

4. Laugh at His Jokes

This is an important step, and it goes a long way to build a budding relationship. Virtually every man is more likely to go on a second date with a woman who makes him feel witty and clever.

3. Leave the Bags at Home

Don’t compare the new man to the old boyfriend, especially if you’re saying the old guy was better. No man wants to be compared to another, and you would still be with your ex if he was such a winner. Start the new relationship with a clean slate, and leave he past in the past.

2. Don’t be Easy

This is imperative, because men are hunters. Guys are interested in the pursuit, and making them wait will do more to keep their interest than sleeping with them on the second date. They may call you the next day, but you’ll probably never get a chance to meet his parents.

1. Talk Less Listen More

Many men feel as though women talk at them instead of talking to them. Men are naturally competitive and they don’t like a woman who tries to out talk them. Every man’s favorite subject is himself, and he’ll appreciate you more if he’s your favorite subject as well.

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