Are Wedding Bells in Your Future?

How can you know if your future husband or wife is the one for you? Many couples face this dilemma as they contemplate marriage. In a society where marriage vows are exchanged fairly quickly only to be broken shortly thereafter, it behooves couples to consider their wedding plans carefully before embarking on this venture. If marriage for life is what you’re looking for, here’s some helpful advice.

Get to Know One Another

Dating can be great fun, but if you’re contemplating marriage, you should use this time wisely to get to know one another on a deeper level before making a lifetime commitment. You may have similar interests in entertainment, food, fashion and hobbies, but how do you fare in the serious matters of life such as career choices, raising a family and meeting financial obligations? With age comes maturity, which often prompts change in the way people think, act and feel. In time, you may find yourself seeing your relationship from a different perspective.

Surface chatter is for casual friendships – marriage requires deeper communications and sharing of personal feelings, vision and values. For a marriage to last, couples must have a strong connection with each other on more than a physical level. Physical attraction will only take you so far. Your love should help you connect physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally in order for your relationship to flourish. This doesn’t mean you have to agree on everything to be in sync with each other. You should, however, learn to understand and respect each other as individuals and be able to extend that respect into your marriage.

What’s the Rush?

Getting to know people doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time. Sometimes two people meet and they are immediately attracted to each other – such as instances of “love at first sight.” However, for that love to grow and blossom into a mature relationship, it will take time. There’s nothing wrong with going slow in developing a strong, loving relationship that will stand the storms of life. The more you go through together as a couple, the better understanding you’ll have of what makes each other tick and what’s important in your lives.

If you’re serious about building a long lasting relationship, take time to talk about important issues that will affect your future such as career goals, finances, kids, where you want to live, how you want to live, etc. Many couples rush into marriage without truly contemplating their future together. While there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about your beautiful wedding, it’s more important to be prepared for life afterwards in order to experience the “happily ever after.”

Is Your Beloved Someone You Can’t Live Without?

Rather than settling for someone you can easily live with, look for someone you can’t live without. Marriage is more than just a teamwork effort – it’s two people willing to share every aspect of their lives together in order to build their future. It’s give and take, laughs and tears, falling and getting back up, forgiving and being forgiven – all with the one you love. So before making a lifelong commitment as marriage, ask yourself – is your beloved someone you can’t live without?

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