6 Christmas Towns You Should Visit

Most people already know that cosmopolitan cities such as Chicago and New York are the places to visit for a classic, urban holiday experience, but many travelers prefer more intimate, quaint destinations. Here are six vacation destinations where holiday adventurers can find a cozy Christmas ambiance:

Ferndale, California

With its many period-style homes and commercial buildings, Ferndale closely resembles a quintessential Victorian village. Christmas here is as charming and picturesque as if you’ve stepped back in time to an affluent 19th century town. If you get tired of twinkling lights and the joyful sounds of caroling, you can drive five miles to California’s magnificent Lost Coast.

North Pole, Alaska

This enchanting Northern village is a perfect Christmas destination for families with small children or even those who simply love the idea of visiting a place called North Pole. Real live reindeer are often scene on the on the street of North Pole, and Christmas a guaranteed to be white here. As an added bonus, travelers to this part of the country during the winter months are often treated to a show by the aurora borealis.

Woodstock, Vermont

Wassail Weekend in Woodstock is a perfect destination for romantic couples, adventurous singles, or anyone who simply loves sipping on spiced ale in a wintry setting. Other features of Wassail Weekend include a community parade, sleigh rides, a Saturday night feast, musical performances, theater productions, and tours of Woodstock’s historic homes.

Santa Claus, Indiana

Situated in the southwestern portion of the state of Indiana, the small town of Santa Claus is a Christmas lover’s dream. Those who can’t visit Santa Claus during the holiday season will be happy to know that this community celebrates Christmas 365 days per year.

McAdenville, North Carolina

Commonly known as Christmas Town, U.S.A., the small North Carolina town of McAdenville boasts the largest holiday lighting display in the country. With over 350 lit trees and wreaths on every lamppost, it’s a true visual delight. Parades, performances, and community feasts and festivals are all well-represented here,and all of the Christmas amenities, including the fabulous lighting, is maintained by community volunteers, and the electricity to power the lights is donated to the community by the power company.

Durango, Colorado

if you like your Christmas celebrations with a Western flavor, the Colorado mountain town of Durango. Durango celebrates the season with music and festivals during the entire month of December. It is also home to the renowned “Polar Express,” a train ride through the gorgeous, snow swept winter scenery that is beloved by children and adults alike.

There are many other worthy destinations throughout the U.S for those who want a change of pace during the holiday season, but the previous suggestions are among the best places to find some authentic Christmas magic.

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