5 ways you get her to notice you

You see her. You want her to notice you. But when you take a look at yourself, are you exuding the things that would make someone stop and take notice? Here are some ways you can make yourself more appealing:

5. Dress to Impress

You used to buy your suits off the rack just like everyone else, wearing the same suit that other men wore without a care about individuality or presence. The idea of a tailor made suit might have been foreign to you at one point in your life, but it is something you should consider if you really want to turn heads. Trying to get the sophisticated woman or businesswoman to look at you takes a bit of an investment in your wardrobe. Embody your look – make it authentic rather than haphazard.

4. Be seen at all the Right Places

Being where people are seen is a surefire way to be seen yourself. The days of being a weekend couch potato are long gone. While these are not paparazzi-infused gatherings, they are still important to your social positioning. How you are perceived is a crafty thing to maintain. It is based on where you go and what you do once you get there. Choose your events wisely, but be sure to go out.

3. Ride In Style

How you get there is almost as important as getting there at all. You want her to see you? Make sure she’s impressed by what she sees. Show her your style, whatever it is. Make sure it is clean and inviting.

2. Grooming 101

Neat hair and nails make the package. Whether going out casually or dressing for a formal event, a groomed person is better received than one who appears overgrown. If you are going for a longer haired look that’s fine. Just be who you are and make it real. Choose a hairstyle that suits you and rock it with abandon. If you like facial hair, keep it neat. If you don’t want to take care of it yourself, find a stylist that can keep you clipped regularly. Being neat and looking clean go a long way to making yourself appealing.

1. Tastefully, Bold: You

Jewelry provides the pop an outfit needs. There’s a time for it all – small pieces to merely accent, larger pieces to showcase, bold pieces to discuss. Find a jeweler who will work with your personal taste to craft or procure pieces that suit you.

Remember, the image you project is what people will judge you by. Be confident and she’ll notice you before you realize it. Once you get her to notice you, let your heart taker it from there.

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