5 Christian Dating and Relationships Tips

In the contemporary world, Christians who date and hope to create longer term relationships face more challenges than many other people. Yet, Christians want–and deserve–all the benefits successful dating experiences can offer.

Christian singles of all ages should be aware of the best approaches to dating that also maintain important religious principles. According to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), these tips help committed Christians enjoy better dating experiences, sometimes leading to more meaningful relationships in the future.

Tips for Better Christian Dating

1. Maintain Christian belief equality.

 Corinthians 6:14 states this principle forcefully. “Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness?”

Christian singles should date those with an equal personal relationship with Christ. The dangers of falling in love or progressing to a physical relationship will create difficulty forming or ending such a relationship in the future.

However, dating someone of a “like mind” may promote a more enjoyable dating experience that may lead to forming a deeper, long-term relationship. Should this occur, both parties are equally secure as practicing Christians, eliminating many potential future incompatibility problems.

2. Place obedience above pure passion. 

Doing that which is right or righteous, is not always totally enjoyable. Giving in to your passions typically feels much better. But, accepting the authority of Christ should always take precedence in relationship situations. Current society encourages people to live in the moment, satisfying your every whim. However, Christ’s message is to be obedient to His words.

3. Set limits together.

Both dating partners should be responsible for setting the ground rules and limits on their dates. Both of you should exhibit the maturity of setting–and adhering to–mutual boundaries upon which you agree. The limits both partners set may be tight or non-restrictive, the choice belongs to the dating partners. However, whatever boundaries both parties agree upon should be kept at all times, unless both partners agree to modify them.

4. Analyze if there is too much physical involvement, but little other relationship balance.

Physical enjoyment is wonderful. However, if a dating relationship has physical involvement as the dominant feature, at the expense of social, emotional and spiritual components, both partners should reexamine the quality of the relationship. These relationships often are intense for some while, but seldom have any lasting foundation.

5. Value love much higher than lust.

While most casual dating activities seldom result in meaningful relationships, you will be much happier placing a higher value on the love factor rather than lust. Christ tells us that love is the “fruit of the Spirit.” To enjoy the dating experience, focus on the feelings that develop between partners, not giving more value to the lust, one or both of you feel for each other.

While it is impossible to enjoy 100 percent of the dating experience, Christian singles who use these tips as a guideline will have more successful dates. The CBN article notes some additional suggestions for better Christian dating experiences.

Certainly, all of your dating partners will not generate long-term meaningful relationships. However, your potential of finding a perfect Christian partner for a longer term relationship will be better if you follow these guidelines.

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