3 Ways You Can Tell That Your Relationship Is Over

It’s easy to spend so much of your energy trying to get back to the good times in the relationship that you don’t realize when it’s just… gone. On the other hand, some people just refuse to accept it. You ultimately have to deal with it though, and here are a few signs that your relationship is beyond that sad point of no return.

You Can’t Agree on Anything

If every time you discuss something, it turns into a fight to the death, it may be time to go back on the market. Constant fighting may signal that you no longer have anything in common (if ever you really did). Not only that, but people can only live for so long in a stressful situation before it begins to take a toll on them mentally, and fighting with your significant other is draining. No one wants to live on a battlefield. If this is the case, it may be best to release both you and your flame to find happiness elsewhere.

The Small Things Get to You

You may find that certain things about your mate now bother you where they did not before. He or she may misplace things or be a tad messy, and this may now set you off, whereas before, it was considered minor. Mannerisms or even the smell of your mate may now disgust you, when before, you loved it about them. If these certain behaviors or traits now spark fights, or even make you grimace at the sight of your main squeeze, it may be time to end it. It is a sign that you are becoming intolerant of this person, and you probably won’t be able to live happily with them.

You Don’t Talk Anymore

This applies most of all. Communication is key, and if you come home from work and essentially ignore each other or you feel as though you are walking on eggshells around each other, that is not a functional relationship. You have to be able to talk and be open with each other, because the root word of relationship is “relate.” If you cannot come to each other when there is a problem and work out a solution in a mature way, then it is time to move on.

These are three major signs that your relationship has gone south. You cannot agree with your lover on anything anymore; every little, or seemingly little thing, starts an argument, and worst of all, communication has ended. Communication is discussed last because it is the final nail in the coffin to a relationship on the rocks. It is the most important. No matter how much you put into the relationship, some people are just incompatible. Do what you feel is best. Relationships involve the heart, so if your heart feels that it is time to leave, then it is time to leave.

Steve Anderson, founder of Fuck buddy, is committed to guiding his readers through the ups and downs of finding and leaving love.  As an author and expert in the field of dating she aspires to create content that is tailor-made for the modern dating world.

Growing up, Steve observed his parents’ grow in love and commitment with every year they were married.  But, following a series of tough break-ups, Steve discovered that finding true love wasn’t as easy as he had thought.  he then decided to pursue a career as a dating coach.  Through his educational and life experience he learned that each situation requires a personalized approach, dependent on the values and desires of each of his clients.  Since then he has become a sought-after expert on the nature of the dating game and how to win at it!

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