3 Online Dating Advice

You are ready to start dating and have decided to go digital and join the online dating scene. Great! Now here are a few tips to make your online dating adventure worthwhile.

1. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Online dating has just as much, if not more competitive, than traditional dating. For starters, make sure you have awesome pictures. Face it people are visual creatures. People like people who look good. You don’t have to be a supermodel, but great pictures will make the difference between someone reading your profile and clicking to the next potential date. Spend a little money and get your pictures done professionally. It’s worth it! Now make sure your profile holds the readers’ attention. The profile is your chance to show what a special person you are. Make it shine and pop, but always, always be honest.

2. Meet for a quick drink and check your baggage at home.

When you find someone you would like to know better, invite them (always in a public place) for a quick drink. Keep the conversation light, but be sure to ask questions that gage whether or not a date is possible. You wouldn’t want to unload your negative thoughts and emotions on someone new whom you are trying to impress. Instead, be positive and upbeat. There will be time enough to share your troubles and anxieties when you have gotten the chance to know one another.

3. Make sure you ask the person you are interested in to send you at least two photographs.

One being a close up and the other being a full-length photo. Have two photos ready for persons interested in you as well. Be honest with your photograph. Don’t send pictures from ten or twenty years ago. There is no point in being disingenuous, this will just waste everyone’s time. Use current photos and get them professionally done. Do not post inappropriate pictures, for example, photos that show too much skin and especially not nude photos.

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