10 Ways to Turn the First Date into the Last Date

Few things are as exciting, and nerve-wracking, as a first date. Here are 10 ways to annoy your date and make a second invitation unlikely… whether they are behaviors to avoid or behaviors to embrace depends entirely on how the date is going.

10. Be late… or absent

While life is unpredictable, nothing says “I’m not really into you” quite like showing up late or not at all. Be considerate. If you have a legitimate reason for being late, call and say so. To arrive late without explanation or to stand up your date is inexcusable.

9. Talk about yourself… without pause

First dates are intended to allow two people to get to know each other better, but it is important that both people participate. Talk about yourself, but give your date an opportunity to speak too.

8. Interrupt often

When you offer your companion a chance to talk, don’t keep interrupting with your own anecdotes. Save it. There will be other occasions to tell your story.

7. Treat service people poorly

Regardless of where you are, date or not, treat customer service people well. Your date will notice if you are rude to the server at dinner and will consider it a glimpse into your soul.

6. Chew with your mouth open

This only applies if the date includes a meal or other eating event, but most first dates fall into this category. No one wants to see your chewed food.

5. Fail to consider hygiene

It is fine if you are not into the trendiest fashions. It is not fine to have body odor. Make sure your body, clothes, and breath are clean and smell fresh.

4. Overdo fragrances

Smelling you took a dip in a pool of fragrance is just as offensive as smelling like gym socks. Perfumes and colognes should be subtle, not overpowering. (They won’t cover musty laundry smell anyway, so don’t even try.)

3. Tell lies.

It’s natural to exaggerate your qualities and accomplishments a little. Your date is doing the same thing. But an outright lie is grounds for immediate dismissal. Don’t say you’re a doctor if you’re an insurance agent.

2. Discuss your past relationships

This is a first date, not an expose. Exes are a touchy subject at any point in a relationship, but on a first date, they are completely taboo.

1. Be BFFs with your phone

FaceBook notifications are piling up, your inbox shows 22 unread messages, there are 6 text alerts, and you have full lives in Candy Crush… Being attentive to your date trumps all of those. If you can’t to break away for a few hours, don’t go at all.

The more of these things that you are guilty of, the more unlikely that second date will be. Use it for good or evil, ithe outcome is up to you.

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