10 (Not Creepy) First Date Gifts

One of the best ways to impress a date your first time out is to show up with a gift. The problem is thus: some gifts seem too eager to please, too much too soon, and others are simply underwhelming. Hand your date a gold chain or a couple dozen roses on the first date, and they’ll probably think you’re a crazy person. Hand them a couple copies of US Magazine you had laying around and a Snickers bar and they’ll know you’re a cheapskate. Here are ten ideas for gifts that are just nice enough.

10. Flowers

Roses can be too much too soon, but a few lillies isn’t a bad idea. Look for something pretty that smells nice, and don’t overdo it.

9. Baked Goodies

You will want to double check with them for allergies, but a small baked treat, either fresh baked at home or from a bakery (don’t just buy some pre-wrapped Little Debbie cakes) can make a great impression.

8. Small Stuffed Animals

A small stuffed bear or something can make for a great little first date gift. Nothing that will be a pain to lug around, just something that can fit in a pocket.

7. Books

In the age of Kindles and eBooks, the warmth of a real live paper book can go a long way. Make sure you’re getting them an author they like. Bad books are just a chore.

6. CD’s

You may be thinking “iTunes gift card” but where’s the personal touch in that? Everyone likes music, but get them the right CD and they’ll know that you “get” them.

5. Gourmet Items

Everyone has that gourmet item that they love but won’t always buy for themselves. A bottle of good wine or a favorite brand of coffee bean, or maybe one of those dark chocolate bars that goes for about a dollar an ounce.

4. New Tools

What does your date love to do? Do they draw? How about a nice sketchbook? Do they write? How about a fancy new pen?

3. DVD’s

If you really nail the first date, a DVD of a common favorite movie might be a ticket to a second or third date, watching the flick at home.

2. New Clothes

Look for accessories, t-shirts, simple things like that. A $200 pair of shoes is a bit much, an 8 pack of undershirts is no fun, but a pair of wool socks that feel like wrapping your feet in waffles for Winter might be just right.

1. A Gift for Mom

Here’s “1 Weird Trick” to really nail the gift-giving situation. Don’t just bring a gift for your date, bring a gift for their mom when you go to pick them up. Not only does this show just what a cool guy/gal you are, but for many of us, mom’s advice is of critical importance in deciding whether or not to go on a second date.

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